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"Confucian Concept of Learning Revisited for East Asian Humanistic Pedagogies", Duck- Joo Kwak, Morimichi Kato & Ruyu Hung (ed.)

Educational Philosophy and Theory, vol. 48, issue 1, 2016.
This special issue is a fruit of a workshop held in July, 2014 at Seoul National University with the support of Harvard-Yenching Institute. This is probably the first international workshop on Confucianism organized by philosophers of education together with specialists of Confucianism. Professor Masashi Tsujimoto and myself were Japanese presenters. But there were also some Japanese scholars of this Society who attended the workshop. I hope that through the collaborated research of the mutual heritage (Confucianism), East Asians come to learn more about each other. (Morimichi Kato)

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